Yellow Entertainment | Circo do Guanabara
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Circo do Guanabara

  • Circo do Guanabara - Capoeira
  • Circo do Guanabara - Circus Acrobats
  • Circo do Guanabara - Samba
  • Circo do Guanabara - high energy fun!
  • Circo do Guanabara - in the round

About This Production

Circo do Guanabara fuses European circus and cabaret with the Samba and Capoeira of Brazil. This is a sexy, high energy feast of fun, unlike anything you have seen before.

The brief was to create a show that reflected the Brazilian theme of the venue and injected some life into a Wednesday evening. This was huge fun to produce ‘in the round’ and with the fantastic performance opportunities this presents.

Circo do Guanabara

Monthly Wednesdays
20:00 - 22:30
Guanabara - London

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